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Corn Germ Oil Extraction Project

Corn Germ Oil Extraction Project

Introduction of corn germ oil extraction project:

Extraction of high efficiency, time to ensure the perfect extraction results. Qi'E design corn germ oil extract with a durable stainless steel fixed grid, add horizontal grid to the apartment. This advanced design prevents backwashing of oil-water mixtures and ensures high-quality extraction of crude oil.

Strong desolventibility. Dissolve device Toast can adjust the color, taste and taste of corn germ, reduce residual solvent, solvent consumption and minimum assurance of safety of corn germ powder.

Effective vacuum evaporation of oil and water mixture. Vacuum evaporation techniques will separate the liquid oil-water mixture on the basis of different solvent evaporation and consumption at lower evaporation temperatures.

High efficiency vacuum evaporation anti-solvent. The remaining secondary steam desoldering unit together with toaster steam from the steam jet pump as a heat source can save energy and reduce the capacitor configuration area.

Perfect solvent for condensation and low residue. Combining the evaporation system, the solvent condensation system of corn germ oil extraction line separates crude oil from corn germ oil and solvent completely. Gas tail gas paraffin recovery process.

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