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cottonseed oil plant oil extraction machine for sale

Plant oil extraction machine

Description of plant oil extraction machine:

Our plat oil extraction machine for oil solvent extraction process includes solvent extraction systems, evaporative systems, evaporation systems, condensing systems, tail gas recovery systems.extraction oil have two method of solvent extraction:one is the direct extraction,the other is pre-pressing extraction.

Direct extraction of plant oil extraction mahcine:

We solvent extraction oil from oil material just once, the amount of oil in the oil material can reach a very low value,after oil solvent extraction process,this the method of solvent extraction is called oil directly extraction.The oil extraction method commonly used in soybeans and other oil material of the oil content of about 20% in the oil material, due to the oil content is very low in whole oil material,and there is no processing value,after oil direct extraction. 

Pre-pressing extraction plant oil extraction machine:

For some high oil material processing of oil content of 30% to 50%, if the use of direct extraction, the amount of residual oil in the meal is high.To this end, before extraction oil, the first use of pressure to extract oil, extract oil from 85% to 89% of the oil material, and the resulting cake crushed into a certain size, and then solvent extraction method to take oil.this method is called oil pre-pressing extraction.Cotton, rapeseed, peanuts, sunflower seeds and other high oil, are used this method of processing. Pre-press extraction not only improves the oil yield, but also the high quality of the prepared crude oil, while increasing the production capacity of solvent extraction equipment.

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