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Edible oil solvent extraction knowledge

Edible oil solvent extraction knowledge

1.Extractor type and options
Extraction cycle:60-75min
Extraction temperature:50-55℃
Production methods mainly include the batch type and continuous two kinds. According to leaching methods and can be classified into immersion, spray type and hybrid three.

2.Mixed oil evaporation system
The mixed oil concentration:10%-40%
Residual solvent index:(40-1000)x10-6
According to the properties of oil type, mixed oil concentration, crude oil residual solvent index  and different heating medium, using different process plan.

3.The wet meal desolventizing
Dissolving time:30-60min
Meal discharge temperature: DTDC Type < 60℃
Desolution equipment are generally designed to exsolution combination device combined with roasted dregs.

4.The solvent recovery system
The solvent recovery:90%-95%
Efficient recovery of solvent in the tail gas are the main measures: to control and reduce the
exhaust volume; reducing the exhaust temperature to reduce the solvent content to reach the  emission standards.

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