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Rapeseed oil extraction process

Rapeseed oil extraction process

Main equipments of rapeseed oil extraction process:

1. Solvent oil extractor
Oil extractor is most important equipment used in rapeseed oil solvent extraction process. It can be divided into batch oil extractor and continuous oil extractor. Batch oil extractor is used for small capacity rapeseed oil extraction. Common used continuous oil extractor is rotocel oil extractor, loop type oil extractor, towline oil extractor etc.

2. Wet meal desolventizer
Discharged from oil extractor, wet meal contains 25-35% solvent, in order to reuse this solvent and get good quality of meal, using desolventizer to steam evaporate solvent.Desolventizer normally is high layers steam desolventizer.

3. MIxed oil evaporators
Using multi-effective evaporators to separate solvent with oil because of different boiling point. Multi-effective evaporators is the key equipments in rapeseed oil solvent extraction process.Multi-effective evaporators includes first evaporator, second evaporator and stripping tower. After first and second evaporators , most solvent is transformed into gas by high temperature steam. And then stripping mixed oil to remove residual solvent in order to get low solvent residual crude oil.

4. Solvent condensing and cooling
Solvent gas from first and second evaporator doesn't contain water, can be recycling directly after cooling by condensers. Solvent gas from stripping tower and desolventizer is mixed with steam, which need to separate with water by water distributor after condensers.Common condenser is tube nest condenser.

Rapeseed oil extraction process features:

  • Low maintenance

  • Low power

  • Strong structure

  • Easy to operate

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